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imaging - includes, but is not limited to, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, photographs, and other visual diagnostic formats

immediate denture - teeth replacement prosthetic designed to be placed as soon as teeth are removed, generally will be replaced with permanent denture once healing is complete

immediate implant placement - dental implant placed during the same visit as the extraction of the tooth it replaces

impacted tooth - a tooth that is partially or fully unable to erupt and remains embedded in soft tissue or wedged against bone or another tooth

implant - to insert or graft material into tissue

implant, dental - small metal cylinder, usually titanium, placed in or on jawbone, used in conjunction with dental prosthetic as a tooth replacement solution

implant dentistry - field of study and practice involving the surgical placement and maintenance of dental implants and implant-anchored tooth replacement prosthetics

impression - mold of teeth and gums, made by biting a soft material, used for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes

incision and drainage - small surgical cut to drain pus from an abscess

incisors - four front center upper and lower teeth

infiltration - use of local anesthetic by placing under the gum tissue, effective in certain parts of the mouth only

inlay - filling made outside the tooth, then cemented or bonded in place to restore lost structure

interproximal - adjacent surfaces between teeth within the same arch

interocclusal - between upper and lower teeth of the bite

intracoronal - inside the tooth crown

intraoral - inside the oral cavity

intraoral camera - specially designed camera for use in photographing inside the mouth, used for diagnostic purposes


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