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DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery, this degree is equivalent to DMD

debridement - removal of plaque and calculus that is interfering with proper evaluation

debanding - removal of cemented orthodontic bands from teeth

debonding - removal of cemented orthodontic brackets from teeth

decay - the destruction of tooth structure

deciduous teeth - also known as "baby" or "primary" teeth, these first teeth generally arrive between the ages of birth and 3 and will fall out later as permanent teeth begin to erupt in their place

dental implant - small cylinder, generally titanium, implanted into the upper or lower jawbone to anchor a dental appliance or restoration

dentin - hard inner layer of the tooth, just beneath the enamel, forms the bulk of the tooth structure

dentistry - medical field characterized by the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth, mouth, gums, jaws, and other oral and maxillofacial areas by a trained and certified professional

dentition - the arrangement of teeth within the mouth

denture - set of one or more prosthetic teeth

diagnostic cast - impression used to aid in planning treatment

diagnostic imaging - photographs or radiographs taken for the purpose of diagnostic evaluation

diastema - the space between two adjacent teeth

discectomy - removal of intra-articular disc from a joint

displaced tooth - tooth that has grown or shifted into an incorrect placement within the mouth

distal - part of the tooth furthest from the center of the arch

DMD - Doctor of Medical Dentistry, this degree is equivalent to DDS

dressing - medicines, bandages, or other materials applied to a wound to promote healing

dry socket - painful localized inflammation of a tooth socket after extraction, caused by infection or loss of the blood clot needed for proper healing



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