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band - metal ring cemented in place around a tooth to allow brackets to attach to the teeth

banding - orthodontic process of fitting and cementing bands to teeth

base - insulating substance used beneath restorations to protect tooth pulp from changes in temperature

benefit - payment for covered dental services by third party insurer

benign - a term used to indicate mild, non-threatening, or non-malignant

bicuspid - tooth located in front of the molars and behind cuspids

bilateral - term meaning both right and left sides are indicated

biopsy - the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination and/or testing

bioinert - material property indicating it causes no physical reaction, such as inflammation or immune response

bite/occlusion - physical relationship between upper and lower teeth when closed

bleaching - whitening of the teeth, generally using a chemical oxidizing agent and/or laser treatment

block injection - anesthetic placed to cause numbness over a large area of the jaw and mouth

block graft - bone graft stabilized with screw, generally used to correct large bone defect

bond - mechanical or chemical adhesion connecting two surfaces, orthodontic appliance seal

bonding -  process of attaching brackets to teeth for braces or restoring teeth with composite resin to repair tooth color or shape

bone atrophy/resorption - loss of bone in jaw, commonly caused by periodontal disease

braces - orthodontic devices used to reposition teeth over time to correct misalignment, generally consisting of brackets and archwires

bracket - ceramic or metal piece cemented to the tooth to hold an archwire for orthodontic treatment

bridge/partial denture - dental prosthetic device used to replace one or more missing teeth, generally attaches to surrounding teeth or implants for support

bruxism - involuntary grinding of the teeth, usually while sleeping, often causing tooth wear, sensitivity, headaches, and jaw pain

buccal - referring to or toward the cheek


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